Traditional European Facial.

European Facial

Traditional European Facial

$110 (60 minutes)

A delightful traditional European style facial that begins with an invigorating double cleanse to remove all makeup and surface impurities. Steam is then applied along with a gentle cream cleanser to penetrate into the skin and clean out the pores. Next, thorough exfoliation using a micropolish reaches into the deeper level of the skin and clears away any excess debris that is lying under the epidermal layer. This will prepare the skin for extractions, which are done with a gentle technique so as not to leave any marks on the face. Extractions are followed by a pH balancing toner and ultra hydrating mask to seal the pores. The traditional facial is a relaxing experience that includes a hand, décolleté and shoulder massage while giving your skin a clean and refreshing glow. The facial is complete once an eye cream, moisturizer and SPF are applied to the skin.

  • Effective for many skin types, as the treatments involves different cleansing techniques that help get rid of acne and treat oily skin
  • Removes excess oil, dead skin, as well as black heads, whiteheads and pimples that may be clogging your pores
  • Exfoliation helps the skin to renew itself by creating new skin cells


What can I expect during a facial treatment?

All of our facials start with a skin analysis by our aesthetician. Most of the facials we offer will also consist of a double cleanse followed by steam, exfoliation, extractions, face and upper body massage, facial mask, and sunscreen application. Depending on the facial and your skincare history, the type of products and ingredients used will vary. We offer a variety of different facial “add-ons” that can be used to customize your treatment for an additional small fee. All of the facials at PSW are individually customized to target your specific skincare needs.

What is a European-style Facial

European-style facial is a traditional deep cleaning skin treatment. It is very basic, uncomplicated facial which improves the look, feel and overall health of your skin.

Will my skin be red or irritated after my facial?

A slight redness is normal after a facial especially if you received a large amount of extractions but should not last much longer once the treatment has ended. A patient with ultrasensitive skin may experience slightly more redness because of their skin type. Care will always be taken to respect the delicate nature of even the most sensitive skin types.

How often should I get facials?

A facial is recommended monthly to help aid in cellular turnover. As we get older, cellular turnover slows, causing dullness, fine lines, wrinkles, blackheads, congestion, and coarsely textured skin. Monthly facials assist in keeping skin renewed and looking its best.

Can you go in the sun right after a facial?

It is not recommended to go directly into the sun after a facial. Sunscreen will be applied at the end of your facial and should be continued for the best results. Further restrictions may be recommended if particular add-ons or treatments, such as peels, have been applied.

How long should I wait to put on makeup after a facial?

Applying makeup directly after a facial can take away from the benefits of all the great products that were just applied. We recommend waiting until the next day to use any foundation or makeup.

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