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skin procedures

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Botox®/ Dysport® Injectables

Repetitive motion of muscles of facial expression cause wrinkles to form with time. These wrinkles can be corrected by temporarily weakening specific muscles. Prescription injectables that our surgeons use are artfully placed to weaken muscles of the forehead, between the eyebrows, or around the eyes, thereby softening their appearance. These products may also be used to treat excessive sweating, a condition known as “hyperhidrosis”. Speak with your surgeon to find out which product is right for you.

Kybella® Injections

Submental fullness, sometimes referred to as “double chin”, is a common yet undertreated facial aesthetic condition. It can impact a broad range of adults, including both men and women, and can be influenced by several factors such as aging, genetics and weight gain, and is often resistant to diet and exercise alone. KYBELLA® (deoxycholic acid) injection is the first and only FDA-approved injectable treatment that contours and improves the appearance of submental fullness, sometimes referred to as “double chin”.


Attiva S.I.H. (Subdermal Induced Heat Technology) is a new, FDA-approved device to tighten the deepest layers of skin and soft tissue by reorganizing existing collagen and stimulating new collagen production. Via a small cannula introduced under the skin, precise radiofrequency energy is applied to the various layers of tissue, including the sub-dermis, to create controlled heat stimulation of the collagen and elastin layers. The results are both immediate and gradual as existing collagen fibers are tightened and new collagen is formed.

Facial Fillers

Plastic Surgery of Westchester is pleased to offer an array of facial fillers and injectables, including Restylane®, Perlane®, Juvederm®, and Juvederm Ultra®.  These hyaluronic acid fillers are a non-surgical option to temporarily correct wrinkles and fine lines associated with aging. At times, they can also be used to fill in defects seen in certain medical conditions or after trauma.  Most patients benefit from fillers to enhance the appearance of their lips, restore volume of their cheeks, and correct loss of volume underneath the lower eyes.  Fillers have also been used to improve the signs of aging on backs of hands. Hyaluronic acid, or HA, is naturally found in our body and when injected it incorporates and is slowly absorbed. Therefore, results are long lasting, but not permanent. Most patients report product lasting 9-12 months. You and your surgeon will discuss address your specific areas of concern.

Fat Injections

Fat injections can be used to improve the appearance of deep wrinkles and restore fullness to the face for a more youthful look. In this procedure, gentle liposuction techniques are used to harvest unwanted fat from areas of excess, purify it and transfer it directly into the desired area. It is frequently done in conjunction with other procedures, such as a facelift, eyelid surgery, breast reconstruction or breast augmentation. Fat injections are frequently done under local anesthesia with sedation unless combined with other procedures. Results can be permanent; however, a portion of the fat is reabsorbed in the first six months.

Laser Procedures

Lasers emit a light energy that is targeted to and absorbed by  a specific tissue in the body.  This energy can treat many conditions of the skin and superficial tissues, such as surgical scars, vascular lesions (“spider veins”, redness), superficial pigmented skin lesions (“sunspots”), acne scars, wrinkles and fine lines, and uneven skin texture or pigment.


  1. Forever Bare BBL
    Safe, effective, and comfortable hair removal for the entire body.
  2. Photo Skin Rejuvenation (BBL)
    Phototherapy targeted to eliminate fine vessels and pigmentation associated with a variety of skin conditions, such as acne, sun damage, age spots and vascular lesions.

SCITON LASER SKIN RESURFACING: Micro Laser Peel, Laser Peel, & Pro Fractional
Skin resurfacing and treatment of uneven texture, lines, and wrinkles can be addressed with the Sciton laser.  This treatment works well in rejuvenation of the lower eyelids and in addressing lines around the mouth.  The entire face usually benefits from some degree of resurfacing for an overall freshened and youthful appearance.  Depending on the depth of treatment, this procedure can be performed safely and comfortably in the spa setting or with anesthesia in our operating room.  Downtime and healing depend on the depth of the peel and settings used, so speak with your surgeon to schedule the right treatment plan for you.


SkinTyte targeted heating causes soft tissue coagulation and collagen contraction.  Common treatment areas include the face, neck and abdomen.  Firmer, more youthful appearing skin can be seen after even one treatment.  A full effect can be seen after several treatments.  This procedure is well-tolerated without anesthesia or downtime.

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