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Breast Augmentation Special Offer


Enhance your breasts with more volume and cleavage!

Offer valid for surgery through July 31, 2018

A breast augmentation is a procedure which adds volume to your breasts with the use of implants. This procedure is helpful in creating an enhanced cleavage for those women who have always had small breasts or to restore the fullness and shape lost after a period of aging, pregnancy, or weight loss. The implants are either filled with saline (physiologic salt water solution) or silicone cohesive gel (a.k.a. “gummy bear” implants since the filling is similar to the consistency of gummy bears).

Your surgeon will discuss your aesthetic goals and have you try-on implant sizers to help you visualize your new look during the consultation. The implants can be placed behind the pectoralis muscle or in some cases behind the breast tissue solely. Scars can be hidden or visible on the breast in differing degrees. Your surgeon is highly skilled in all methods of augmentation, so he or she will discuss which surgical approach and scars you may expect.

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Brazilian Butt Lift & Liposuction Special Offer


Enhance your shape!

Offer valid for surgery through July 31, 2018

Whether you’re simply unhappy with the appearance of your buttocks or have lost some of your silhouette with age, Brazilian Butt Lift at Plastic Surgery of Westchester may be an option for you. A Brazilian Butt Lift combines the benefit of liposuction with the safe and effective technique of fat transfer to augment the buttock shape and projection. Any area of the body, including the arms, abdomen, hips, back or thighs can be liposculpted and provide fat for transfer.

For the best, most-lasting results, we use traditional liposuction and gentile filtering techniques. Brazilian Butt Lift can also be an adjunct to other procedures, such as a “tummy-tuck” or breast augmentation. The surgeons at Plastic Surgery of Westchester can help you decide on the best procedures and appropriate timing for your procedures.

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