Threadlifting with Dr. Nemeth

Threadlifting at any stage of aging can create an immediate lift and stimulate collagen. With boost procedure done at 3 -4 months. Results last 1-2 years. Come in for a complimentary consultation with Dr. Nemeth today!

PDO Threadlifting is a cosmetic procedure that uses fine suture material, a.k.a “threads” or “thread lift”, to lift and tighten sagging skin. PDO Max threads are made from a dissolvable material (polydioxanone) that your body naturally absorbs over time, producing collagen in the process. There are essentially two types of threads—barbed and smooth. The barbed threads provide lifting and support to loose skin while smooth threads solely encourage collagen production. There are different types of smooth threads, and these can be used to fill folds or hollows in your facial contour in lieu of or in addition to traditional injectable fillers. Barbed and smooth threads also can be used alone or together in a unique and personalized combination for lifting, supporting and volumization. The results last between one to two years. Your surgeon will recommend the best combination to produce immediate, natural, and noticeable results!


The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and feels much like other types of injectables. You will be positioned comfortably in a beach-chair position in a well-lit procedure room. Your pre-procedure photos are taken, markings on the skin are made with a cosmetic pencil, and the skin is cleansed. A small amount of local anesthetic will be used to numb the treatment areas, then the threadlift is performed via small insertion sites with a needle size similar to a blood draw. Depending on the area(s) addressed, anywhere between 4 to 24 threads may be used. The threadlift material has low reactivity; however, please let your provider know if you are allergic to polydioxanone, latex, lidocaine or epinephrine. You will feel numb for 30-45 minutes after the procedure but well enough to drive home. You can resume regular activity once you feel healed.